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Author Topic: Why regular traffic jammed at SOLDIER BAZAR Karachi  (Read 31 times)

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Why regular traffic jammed at SOLDIER BAZAR Karachi
« on: January 14, 2019, 05:22:48 AM »
Why regular traffic jammed at SOLDIER BAZAR Karachi

I want to asked question why now-a-days regular basis traffic jammed specially at SOLDIER BAZAR Karachi (Soldier Bazar No.3 signal towards Soldier Bazar No.1).  What reason behind for such a heavy traffic flow and traffic police not seeing this place performing duty.

I understand basic ONE reason all sort of traffic load diverted through Soldier Bazar due to close of road from Guru Mandir to Capri Cinema (M. A.Jinnah Road).  Than why not deputed traffic police to perform the duty at the following places

a.     Soldier Bazar No.3 Signal
b.     Soldier Bazar No.2
c.     Soldier Bazar No.1

Where there is no traffic signal install and only a few traffic police seen at Soldier Bazar No.3 and Soldier Bazar No.2, My request to depute atleast minimum 5 – 7 traffic police at all places and instruct if any one found not performing duty it is assumed he is not interested to work that reason his services no more required.

Sorry to say when often traffic jammed people so hurry and showing carless to goes through narrow streets instead of road but which is blocked by traffic jammed.  It is very difficult for any one to cross the road.  Why not the department  make a supervise visit to know whether their traffic official performing duty or skipping from the duty.

I have no idea when works completed from Guru Mandir to Capri Cinema (M.A.Jinnah Road) till deputed honest and sincere traffic official to perform duty and control the heavy traffic flow and also make check and balance systems to determine how they are working.