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Our City Our Love / Mobile snatcher cruel act
« Last post by sharif on December 10, 2017, 08:36:48 PM »
Mobile snatcher cruel act

I want to drawn the attention of IG police, GOVERNOR OF SIND when you people will awake and take immediate action against those people involve in MOBILE SNATCH & STREET crimes in city of Karachi, Yesterday in our area of SOLDIER BAZAR a young lady of young age lost her life.  This type of second incident in our area with in 15 to 20 days time?

When mobile snatcher asked LADY to give her cell phone to them SUDDENLY his cell  fall down she sit down to pick the cell but the snatcher immediate fire the bullet and she died, Thus mobile snatch is hobby or part time business for jobless criminals who will take immediate notice and arrest the real killer.  This is one of the coward act which every people must condemn and regret too.

I must ask question form your police dept they very often perform duty only to catch innocent for harsh treatment but never courage or dare to arrest the real or wanted culprit involved in  mobile snatcher or street crimes, yet how many caught and get example punishment ?

Does mobile snatcher got NOC from which dept after that they got license or working tension free for snatching mobile, who provide them weapons?  Are these weapons got licence to use or ill legal. What will be end of their life never realized same way they also become killed another powerful criminal  or FAKE encounter ( TIT FOR TAT ) what you did will faced in this world.

I pray to God those who killed the innocent lady only want to snatch her mobile send him where he deserve without wasting any precious time.  Twist his neck and cruse him for this cruel act and place him in HELL VIP place Insha’Allah very soon and remain forever to face angry GOD punishment THAT time re-called all your influence or power to save you from this punishment.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

(Ashfaq Sharif)

General Discussion / Corruption & corrupt people ONLY one treatment
« Last post by sharif on December 07, 2017, 03:05:28 AM »
Corruption & corrupt people ONLY one treatment

If Pakistan want to eliminate corruption Plus its corrupt people from root level than enforce only ONE treatment if corruption is proof and got evidence against him immediate basis give him example punishment ( which is HANG or remain behind the bar ) if Pakistan want to eliminate corruption from country and want to progress the country.  Plus forfeited the wealth and property who involve in corruption.

Why not copy or adopt the law and rules enforce in CHINA where if anyone found in corruption if evidence and proof goes against him immediate basis he should be hang no mercy or sympathy with him. 

In our corrupt society every people who got power in GOVT DEPT engage in corruption no matter what is the scale of his corruption but thinking doing corruption is born right and no one dare to stop or question him for this devil act.

Pakistan got bless with automatic country - minerals – mountain – gas – oil – sea – river – agriculture land – deserts – salt reserve but due to lack of sincere and honest leaders do not make remarkable progress the root cause of its backwardness due to corruption from everywhere in the country.

Why you doing corruption and miss using your power only to collect maximum wealth and property but at GOD place only good deeds works and if you have plenty of wealth earned by ill legal sources than you will answerable to God and plus face example punishment for earning this too.  Besides this if you do good deed by this BLACK MONEY  such as perform Hajj – Ummar – giving charity or zakat, helping needy people or donate for noble cause which is not acceptable at God place when you using this black money for any good deeds.

Only due to corruption those who are talented and capable can’t achieve to get better position in Multinational and Govt offices that reason those who are un capable got these position due to influence or giving handsome amount for acquiring the job which is not a good practice in our society.  In our country there is no shortage of talent but due to wrong practice adopt they crush talented people to come ahead and proof their ability so the organization grow faster and rapidly.

I must say if anyone want to remembered for long period before you die please do some welfare works for own people such as build hospital/community centre  – school – orphans home – support needy and lesser income to get marry their children’s – helping needy family in supporting their kids’ education etc. BUT only perform with the money you earned by HALAL source which is acceptable and  give reward to you from GOD Insha’Allah.

Thanking You


Yours faithfully


 (Ashfaq Sharif)

General Discussion / TALBAN coward act
« Last post by sharif on December 02, 2017, 08:10:46 PM »
TALBAN coward act
I want to ask TALBAN mad & brainless people what you proof by attacking AGRICULTURE TRADINING INSTITUTE in Peshawar Pakistan to proof or consider your followers did bravery act which is my eyes very condemnable act does not reflect you people are first Muslims followers and no connection with the Islam.

If your people as terrorists ( brave ) they why wearing BURQA and other consider they are all females but U now proof that you are all from families of SIXER no courage or power to fight against brave PAK ARMY neck to neck only learn to attack innocent people suddenly from behinds this art you  devil learned from whom?

In this coward attack 9 innocent lost their lives and around 35 people wounded and all terrorists reach where they wish to go ( wahabi heaven = which is real sense God hell ).  My question is who wish – support – help – give financial support and give arms and training to devil TALBAN and its allied BAD EGGS group like ISIS  - DAESH on return what you people get as reward FOR THIS SERVICE which is against your motherland?

Those terrorists who died by counter attack by Pakistani police and army who showed great bravery but those who did brain wash for these terrorists and along those who are their well-wishers and supports equally involved in the murder of innocent people must deserve the same punishment at God place inshahallh.

I suggest Govt of Pakistan all foreigner who are over staying in our country or enter ill legal way only intention to do terror activities get rid of all foreigner those who are living ill legal to curb the terrorists activities and also search / find who are people helping this terrorists encourage them by funding – give training – shelter and Pak army must be exposed and give example punishment.


Thanking You


Yours faithfully


 (Ashfaq Sharif)

Our City Our Love / Why often traffic jammed at SOLDIER BAZAR
« Last post by sharif on November 30, 2017, 07:09:57 AM »
Why often traffic jammed at SOLDIER BAZAR
I want to drawn attention of higher traffic police including IG Traffic police what secret that now a days often traffic jammed at SOLDIER BAZAR KARACHI.  From Soldier Bazar No.3 to Soldier Bazar No.1 often remain jammed and more interesting to share not a single traffic police available for this place to perform duty honestly and control the traffic flow.

The reason for traffic jammed as follow

1.   Wrong parking of vehicle
2.   Rickchaw standing on road
3.   People showing extra hurry
4.   No traffic police available at this particular place
5.   Specially bike riders taking very risky when overtake from wrong side to ahead some one
6.   Need Traffic signal at Soldier Bazar No.1 & 2
7.   Traffic signal at Soldier No.3 never dormant and not working any special reason

People showing great hurry and madness to reach their place even seeing no further space to move but act like mad or they are blind no realized due to traffic jammed they can’t move smoothly but showing extra hurry is madness of un educated people.

If we flow all traffic rules than hardly wait for traffic signal less than 2 minutes but where all people doing madness and do not flow traffic rules than waste time and force to stay more than double times in traffic jammed, when Pakistani people will be civilized in which year which is dream?

Why not depute your traffic police staff to perform for duty at SOLDIER BAZAR BUT it look your traffic police perform the duty where they caught innocent or do more challan they loved to perform duty that place where they miss used their power for doing challan for own or dept benefits only GOD knows and not capable to control the traffic flow which is amazing?

The traffic jammed is not the issue of particular SOLDIER BAZAR area but same condition traffic jammed other parts of city of Karachi but head of dept not interested or sincere to take any action against BLACK SHEEP who skipping from duty and mis using authority only for doing challan when got example punishment?

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

 (Ashfaq Sharif)
any one shares holder of HBL ( HABIB BANK LTD ) COMPLAINING for Non-receipt of dividend/Bonus shares/Re-validate of Dividend warrants

Any one yet not received HBL shares dividend / bonus shares or any pending dividend warrant of re-validate please contact me if he can’t chase or follow up smoothly.

I assured to work and try my best to get all your HBL pending dividend warrant/bonus shares as soon as possible.

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General Discussion / Why MEAT ONE ( ASC ) share price continues down
« Last post by sharif on November 28, 2017, 06:06:21 AM »
Why MEAT ONE ( ASC ) share price continues down
I want to drawn attention of higher management of SECP, PSX what secret behind  pre-bidding started and got encouragement due to this process  share being subscribe through IPO more than double value to investors, this why innocent investors trapped and suffered heavy loss.  Best example of ASC ( MEAT ONE) RPL ( ROSHAN PACKAGES).  Earlier I knew when IPO coming like KAPCO, PPL, APL,  NETSOL & SPL that time no concept of pre-bidding process which crush and wash out dream of small investors.

I strongly condemn and objection against pre – bidding process of IPO as MEAT ONE ( ASC ) share strike price was Rs. 98 but after giving twice bonus first 35% and later 15% when we seeing the market price of this share under Rs.30 in PSX.  About RPL strike price was Rs.86 but the prices is Rs.40 After giving 10% bonus and cash dividend.

I am in stocks business since 2010 ASC & RPL BOTH most manipulated and speculated scrip in PSX . what reason A S C ( MEAT ONE ) price CONTINUES down and reach Rs.26 ( today ) Nov 23, 17 ANY Hope when it cross above Rs. 70 ( sorry IPO came for Rs.98 ) DOES SECP or PSX have no information or knowledge this share is subscribed to general public through VIA I P O MANIPULATED thus who got maximum benefits please share.

I suggest AND request both PSX & SECP to eliminate the process of PRE – BIDDING any share coming after Nov 2017 to protect the interest of small investor and proof PSX & SECP whom protecting small investors or company itself  ( when wish to issued share on higher price without its worth )

I also request to FPCCI, SITE & KCCI trade bodies and association to give their opinion and if they understand pre-bidding is good process than why MEAT ONE ( ASC ) share current prices Under Rs.30 when it will improved and crossed above Rs.75 so the small investor recover their invested money with some profits.


Thanking You


 Yours faithfully


(Ashfaq Sharif)

Understanding The Holy Quran & Hadees to Discover Islam / GOOD DEEDS
« Last post by sharif on November 24, 2017, 08:54:12 PM »
I want to share normally people when cross 50 Years Plus than think and sincere for GOOD DEEDS, they think good deeds means only remembering God, offer namaz, Hajj, giving charity or zakat.

Those people are true followers doing GOOD DEEDS from their youth age and do not waste the opportunity to perform good deeds are consider luckiest people on the earth.

I want to share quotes as followings

Quoted by Hazrat Ali AS

“ Hide your Good Deeds”
“ Never speak of the Good that you Do “
“ Do Good and forget it “

Quoted by Prophet Mohd PBUH

“ When your Good Deeds please you and your Evil Deed grieves you, you are a Believer”

I must say people usually perform GOOD DEED to show others to impress they are doing social works but when one wish to show or display good deeds than at God place have no value or importance for such GOOD DEEDS unless you perform only for God nothing else.

My humble request and suggestion perform good deed only for God otherwise you do not expect any reward from God only waste of your precious time – money – efforts.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully


 (Ashfaq Sharif)

Islamic Republic of Pakistan / Iqbal, Jinnah, Pakistan Aur Islam
« Last post by Mughal1 on November 21, 2017, 07:10:40 PM »
quran ki zaroorat
q&a about islam aur quran

34 items from 1a-d to 10b
Our City Our Love / Why RICKCHAW fare is most expensive
« Last post by sharif on November 20, 2017, 03:12:02 AM »
Why RICKCHAW fare is most expensive

I want to drawn attention towards Governor of Sind, Chief Minister and IG of Sind police what reason RICKCHAW usually charged more than double fare as they got born right to over charge from customers in this regard Government authority helpless or careless to control this practice and force RICKCHAW riders to install meter and asked to charged according to exact fare.

Government should start campaign all those RICKCHAW rider those who wish to charge over charge from passenger and playing when passenger is needy, when Govt will start a campaign  so the passenger will get public transport RICKCHAW at lower rate.

Rickchaw riders always giving  excuse for over charging

1.   Due to traffic jammed
2.   CNG is closed
3.   I am using petrol

Why not Government suggest a uniform fixed price per KM for rickchaw and instruct them do not over charge otherwise ready to face fine upto Rs.10,000 when a customer lodge complain for over charging.

Besides over charging RICKCHAW fare other issue which should be not ignored

1.   Careless & speedy driving
2.   Showing extra hurry when traffic jammed
3.   Feel insult to follow traffic rules
4.   Enter in wrong side or single entry road
5.   Always park rickchaw wrong side which blocking the road & effect the traffic flow

This issue IG Traffic police should not ignored their way of driving rickchaw very dangerous for other specially bike riders but our police do not taking any action or notice for this particular issue.

I have no idea when Government authority will awake and take notice and control all issue with organize way.  I must say in which law Karachi traffic flow move, it looks no law exist but other hand traffic police remain eager how to do more and more challan, the head of traffic police satisfied with the performance of numbers of challan did no matter using mis uses power or control the traffic flow in the city.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

 (Ashfaq Sharif)
Discover Islam / Re: mukammal aur mufassal darse quraan
« Last post by Mughal1 on November 15, 2017, 07:44:56 AM »
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