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Classified Ads / Problems with banks dealing
« Last post by sharif on October 15, 2017, 08:27:39 AM »
Problems with banks dealing

I am capable to resolve your issue face by your bankers on account of the following

1.   Excess deduction from your account
2.   Non receipt of ATM or credit Card
3.   Not drawn amount via ATM but amount deducted
4.   Your genuine complain which bank officer not heeding or attending
5.   Other complains which you want to address top managements

Email : ashfaqsharifstock@gmail.com
Cell   :  0333-2131984

Islamic Republic of Pakistan / Business consultant
« Last post by sharif on October 15, 2017, 08:25:08 AM »
Business consultant

I am capable to conduct classes to train raw people who wish to establish own business of import or export, guide how to write, where to write without wasting precious time on return I will charge per student Rs.10,000 fee ( duration 1 month) assured U will do own trade INSHAHALLAH( when arrange more than 2 - 3 students pls contact me ).   

Email : ashfaqsharifstock@gmail.com
Cell   :  0333-2131984
Our City Our Love / Non-receipt of dividend/Bonus Shares/Re-validate dividend warrant
« Last post by sharif on October 15, 2017, 08:22:08 AM »
Non-receipt of dividend/Bonus Shares/Re-validate dividend warrant

I offer my professional service to receive the SHARE HOLDER’S dividend warrant which is still pending or not received by any SHARE HOLDER. I charged  fee 15% of dividend  amount.  Also offered to re-validate your DIVIDEND warrant CHEQUE. Assured to get dividend at earliest if you have no spare time to chase or follow up pending  dividend warrants.

Email : ashfaqsharifstock@gmail.com
Cell   :  0333-2131984
Training & Tutorials / seeking sincere investor for any future coming I P O
« Last post by sharif on October 15, 2017, 08:01:51 AM »
seeking sincere investor for any future coming I P O

I searching sincere & honest INVESTOR who interested to invest for any future coming IPO as last IPO of “ LOADS LTD” came in September 2016 ( offer dated Sep 28-29, 2016 ) offer per share Rs.34 and Present value is Rs.43 ( Dtd Aug 10, 2017), it reach to maximum level of Rs.67 during Nov 2016.

Due to lack of capital I can’t perform that reason seeking support from SINCERE investor those who can’t apply IPO due to lack of any reason ( having not experience, no spare time & their company can’t allowed ) than avail my services.

Email : ashfaqsharifstock@gmail.com
Cell   :  0333-2131984

Classified Ads / Preparing BOOKS OF ACCOUNT
« Last post by sharif on October 15, 2017, 07:57:45 AM »
I am capable to prepare BOOKS OF ACCOUNTS specific on contract basis in utmost good faith, besides I assure you to work with your expectation on return charge reason amount mutually agreed in order to prepare your books of accounts on COMPUTER ( excel format ).

Even Offer to train your UN-EXPERIENCE staff how to prepare books of accounts in professional way.

I have interest to work with your esteem organization & if your organization or individual staff interested to avail my services than contact me without any hesitation.

Email : ashfaqsharifstock@gmail.com
Cell   :  0333-2131984
Our City Our Love / Most IMPORTANT thing to perform CELL phone uses
« Last post by sharif on October 14, 2017, 08:48:40 PM »
Most IMPORTANT thing to perform CELL phone uses

I want to drawn attention towards all people who live in city of Karachi Pakistan why the uses of CELL phone is most important now a days.

I remembered those days when only limited got PTCL land line connection that time no concept to carry PTCL land line with you and that time CELL phone has not be introduce.

When I saw people look very busy in replying sms or attending calls from CELL while walking, riding bike or driving car which become a fashion of todays world but it is very hazards practice which should be not encourage.

If you do not uses cell phone while you walking or driving car or riding bike than you lost your customer or GIRL friends, what is the real secret behind it.

I must say now a days without the uses of cell phone one social life incomplete? Which is very crazy and amazing.


Thanking You


Yours faithfully


 (Ashfaq Sharif)
Islamic Republic of Pakistan / suggestion for PSX and SECP
« Last post by sharif on October 10, 2017, 05:11:53 AM »
suggestion for PSX and SECP

I WANT to give my suggestion both authority PAKISTAN STOCK EXCHANGE and SECP regarding dividend warrant bank should mandatory follow the format in recording the credit dividend warrant which helps share holders to cross check whether dividend reach to his bank mandate account without any hesitation.

1.  Dividend No

2.  Company Name

3.  Period

4.  Dividend %

5.  Dividend warrant no

For example I quote HHH BANK made entry for dividend received in his client accounts

D – 5, XYZ, Jun 2017, 14%, 1234567

Normally all commercial bank put check No. and bank name when recording the proceed entry.

If SBP or SECP instruct all commercial bank  wef 01-11-2017 put all relevant details only for dividend warrant which helpful for share holders and FBR to cross check dividend income, plus no fear of miss any dividend warrant otherwise check from own record whether share holder received dividend warrant or still pending.

Now it moral duty and responsibility of SECP, Pakistan stock exchange and SBP if my comments have any worth than enforce my suggestion and glad if form me accordingly without any delay.


Thanking You


Yours faithfully


 (Ashfaq Sharif)

Our City Our Love / Why build inferior quality road in KARACHI
« Last post by sharif on October 08, 2017, 03:35:12 AM »
Why build inferior quality road in KARACHI

I WANT to drawn attention of GOVERNOR of Sind and Federal Government including city local Government authority why waste people tax money in building inferior or low quality road specially in Karachi who contribute more than 66% ( 2/3 revenue ) to the centre to run this COUNTRY economy, than why treating as special step mother way.

This act perform to keep happy WORLD BANK or foreign country who continues helping Pakistan in order to improve their road structure but if any donor country represent make surprise visit and check which quality of road being made in Karachi than realized how corrupt people mis uses the funds and making very low and inferior quality road in Karachi.

I suggest Chief Minister of Sindh and Prime Minister of Pakistan please check what quality of road in Karachi made specially in the following areas

a.  Mava Shah  ( Grave Yard Road Karachi )

b.  Lea Market

c.  West Wharf Road

d.  Kharadar Road

e.  Soldier Bazar Road

f.  Burns Road

g.  M. A. Jinnah Road ( from Gur Mandir to Tower )

If Government wish to get tax from general public than why hesitate to provide them basic facility like as follows

1.  Well construct road

2.  Good sewerage system

3.  Provide transport facility

4.  Avoid load shedding and reduce power traffic

5.  Control the traffic flow

6.  Provide free and better medical treatment in Government hospital

7.  Reduce or control the high fee of private school in Karachi

I must say Pakistan is full or resource and blessed with many nature gifts expect a SINCERE and non corrupt leaders ( Like Late Khomeni ) if you want to change the condition of Karachi and wish to ahead with EU or West.

If punished alteast most corrupted official say around 100 than entire corrupt society will improve and more hesitate to get bribe or kick back due to fear of example punishment but who dare to do this exercise and clean Karachi with dirty and corrupt officals?

Thanking You


Yours faithfully


 (Ashfaq Sharif)

Islamic Republic of Pakistan / Onion & tomato Prices
« Last post by sharif on October 05, 2017, 05:26:05 AM »
Onion & tomato Prices

IT IS observed that TOMATO being sold sold at Rs 200 to 250 per kilo in various parts of the country, that reason Govt totally failed to control the prices and give relief to the consumer ends.  It is also regrettable for Government and Price control authority when Consumers told Geo News that authorities have failed to keep a check on the prices which vary between Rs150 to Rs250 for tomatoes and Rs80 to Rs100 for onions.

In Karachi ( Oct 4, 2017) , tomatoes are being sold between Rs160 to Rs200 per kilo. Onion Rs. 80 per Kilo does Pakistan is not agriculture country or all its crops damage this reason onion and tomato prices shoot up or who black sheep responsible against this price hike in which GOVERNMENT looks totally helpless and no courage to control the prices.

"Increase in prices is a bigger headache for shopkeepers than customers," a vegetable stall owner in Lahore claims. Consumers in Badin also expressed their annoyance at the increasing prices, calling for the local authorities to regulated prices.

It is suggested to do not use TOMATO and Onion for next days wef Oct 5 to 7, 2017 so traders force to reduce the prices in fear of their stock being spoil and black sheep traders got punished too?  But it all happen when every citizen plays its role do not use TOMOATO and ONION for next 3 days.

Sorry to say no price control committee working which have power to control the prices of ONION and TOMATO, these traders donot showing the prices in which GOVERNMENT suggested to sale but asking their own prices in which force consumer to buy which is too injustice and mental torture.

Thanking You


Yours faithfully

 (Ashfaq Sharif)

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